• Product demonstrations.

Let's say you own a New Hampshire or Massachusetts local hardware store. Often when dealing with power tools, how you use the product greatly determines its effectiveness. If you could create a video showing your customers exactly how to use a particular tool correctly, and for what applications, that would likely make them MUCH more likely to buy the product from you. Because you are helping them understand how to use it properly. As time goes by, you could create a resource library just for your product demonstration videos, and organize them by brand and function.

  • Profile your employees.

When people do business with small, local New Hampshire or Massachusetts businesses, it is often the people that make the difference. Customers feel more at ease if they know more about the employees that will be dealing with. Create a short video to introduce us to the people (and their expertise) that work for your company. This is a great way to help establish trust with your customers.

  • Shine a spotlight on your evangelists.

Are you lucky enough to have special customers that praise your business to everyone they meet? Ask them if they wouldn't mind recording a short video testimonial for your business. Written testimonials on a website can be edited, or just plain made up. Having a real person singing the praises of your business or company goes a long way towards your credibility. You'll be surprised at how eager they are to share their joy!

  • Document special events that your company sponsors.

Does your business participate in fundraisers? Do you have a Massachusetts or New Hampshire bookstore or coffee shop that has an "Open Mike Night" every week? If you participate in any event that is geared toward interacting with your community, share those experiences with others through video. This is also a great way to show your personality, and that you enjoy creating events that bring you closer to your customers.

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